About Us

The Ear Drop Shop offers hand crafted, artisan jewelry designed by Jan. 

One of Jan’s first jobs was working in a jewelry department of an upscale department store. Although the quality of the jewelry was good, the styles were just plain boring. Costume jewelry offered more diversity, but the quality could be lacking, and the designs were sometime tacky. 

When it came time to get married, Jan was uninspired by commercial wedding ring fare, so partnered with a jewelry designer to blend Art Nouveau and Celtic motifs into a custom design for her wedding ring. After that, she was hooked! 

She became fascinated with the beauty, character, and huge diversity of semiprecious stones, and soon found inspiration at craft fairs, where artists were using semiprecious stones and a variety of metals to make clever designs at a price that was within reach.

Jan started experimenting with designs of her own a few years ago, and has since been known to disappear into the time warp that occurs around a collection of interesting beads. 

We hope you enjoy our creations!